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Janet Huddie is a silversmith and jewelry artist working in Annapolis, Maryland.

A descendant of generations of Scottish engineers, who built ships and bridges, Janet combines an inherited fascination for three-dimensional design and metal fabrication with a passion for architecture, applied ornament and pattern. She re-interprets grand, structural elements and decorative details into jewelry and small narrative sculptures. She likes to believe that she's continuing her family's metalworking traditions, just on a much smaller scale.


Janet is a three time Saul Bell Award finalist and winner of the 2018 International Metals Artistry Grand Award, a 2017 Creative Crafts Council award and a 2015 Gemmy Award. She was also a recipient of a 2008 Lapidary Journal, Art Jewelry Award and a 2007 Maryland State Arts Council Award, for Craft. Her work has been featured in various journals, magazines and books including Lark Crafts' Showcase 500 Art Necklaces.

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